Dogs and other animals are welcome at Le Moulin!

Dogs welcome at Le Moulin hotel

Lots of travellers to the Opal Coast want to bring their dogs along to enjoy the view too. If you love walking on empty stretches of sandy beaches or exploring rolling countryside then why wouldn’t your pooch too? For many people, their dog is part of the family and why shouldn’t they take their canine kids away? Until now, a serious lack of dog-friendly hotels has been a big part of the reason but at Le Moulin we are a genuine dog-friendly and animal-loving team. During your stay you are bound to meet Manon our waitress. She breeds husky dogs and loves horse-riding.

At reception, you’ll meet Stephanie who has her own ‘enfant chien’, Eloa.

Meanwhile, our chef Eric keeps birds and our office manager Caroline loves feeding Le Moulin’s very own menagerie. Look at for our faithful bunch of stray cats, ducks clucking and goose on the loose. And – stop press – lots of lovely fluffy ducklings have just hatched and you can watch them swimming in the river with their mums as you eat in the dining room. Le Moulin is the perfect petfriendly getaway because it has its own 7 hectares of green and pleasant grounds for your beloved hound to run around and get so tired they flop into deep doggy sleep – giving you time to enjoy the superb restaurant and bar . Dogs are welcome to share the dog-friendly/ pet-friendly room on the ground floor too – your bed is ultracomfortable but we suggest you bring your dog’s own basket so they really feel at home. This is a bright, open room so there’s plenty of space for your dog to roll around and stretch its paws. What is more, this room has its own door to the great outdoors which happens to be really handy for those late-night calls of nature and a quick blast of fresh air.

In the past, the fear of rabies made it virtually impossible to take your dog on holiday abroad. However, the good news for dog owners is that since 2012 many of the old stringent laws have been changed and taking your dog to France has become a whole lot easier. The UK government has certain entry requirements for pets entering or returning to the UK from other EU or listed countries, so be certain to check these out before you travel to Le Moulin. These rules include making sure that your pet is microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations – especially rabies – you have a valid pet passport, you have given your animals tapeworm treatment no less than 24 hours before travel and no more than 5 days before entry (ask a vet if you are confused!) and finally, making sure you use an approved transport company and approved route.

If you tick all the above boxes, then hopefully you and your pooch will have a fantastic holiday in Northern France. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, your dog may get poorly or you just want some advice about tapeworm treatment before you return home. To reassure you, there is an excellent local vet in Desvres whose details are at reception. Those petfriendly folk at front desk are there to help you with anything during your stay and will be happy to tell you all the exciting walks and places you can explore with your dog in the area...